about my work

Therapeutic tones 
and colorful commotion
to weather the storm
and set healing in motion. 

Noise mangled musings 
and funky notes scattered
to help mend hearts
that are weathered and tattered 

As a watercolor and mixed media artist who also plays the drums, I paint from a  perspective that is highly influenced by the rhythmic noise and music within me. Each piece is emotionally layered with an improvised, noisy solo of splatters, strokes, and washes that move in and out of a structured chord progression of feelings and thoughts. This creates a visual sense of movement, rhythm and musicality that connects each subject to, and breathes life into, the environment in which they visually exist. I refer to these paintings as noise weathered tones and musings. These colorful commotions of feelings and thoughts within me, are most often expressed through visual depictions of landscapes, skyscapes, musical performances, tattered stuffed creatures, and abstractions.

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