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8"x10" original painting: "In the Clearing Stands a Boxer"

8"x10" original painting: "In the Clearing Stands a Boxer"

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 8x10 original painting on Ampersand Aquabord panel.

Wired and ready to hang.

No frame or glass required.

I see trees as symbols of strength and renewal. A snag, or dead tree, serves as a reminder that the impact we have on this world and those around us continues long after we are gone.. In death, a tree will often remain standing as if forever fighting to exist. Its life may be gone but its influence and impact remains. And its impact will continue to be felt long after it has fallen. 

“In the clearing stands a boxer” 8x10 varnished watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord. 

Aquabord is crafted from premium warp-resistant 1/8" FSC-certified Hardbord™ that is protected with our proprietary Archiva-Seal™ and coated with an acid-free clay and mineral ground with a texture similar to cold-pressed watercolor paper. Colors retain their purity and vibrancy in a way that even the finest of watercolor papers can't match and Aquabord allows artists to frame and display their watercolor without glass.

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