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In the clearing stands a boxer - Archival Matte Giclee Print

In the clearing stands a boxer - Archival Matte Giclee Print

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In A Clearing Stands A Boxer - Archival Matte Giclee Print

Title taken from the lyrics of the song The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel

I see trees as symbols of strength and renewal. A snag, or dead tree, serves as a reminder that the impact we have on this world and those around us continues long after we are gone. In death, a tree will often remain standing as if forever fighting to exist. Its life may be gone but its influence and impact remains. And its impact will continue to be felt long after it has fallen. A half inch border is added to each print size for easy framing.

View the creation of the original painting here on instagram.

Print Details:

  • Professionaly printed archival matte Giclee print with additional 1/2" white border added (ex: a 5x7" print will measure 6x8" including 1/2" white border)
  • Due to varying monitor resolutions, product color may differ slightly from image on screen

What is a Giclee print?

A Giclee print is a museum grade print produced using high-quality inkjet printers that spray microscopic droplets of pigment based ink onto archival-quality paper or canvas. The process involves a high-resolution digital image of artwork or a photo, which is then printed using archival-quality inks and paper. This image is printed on Archival Matte Paper, also known as Moab Lasal Photo Matte. This smooth, heavy weight (230 g, 9.5-mil), neutral white, matte paper is engineered for accurate color reproduction that provides high contrast and high-resolution output. This paper is acid-free, making it the perfect choice for both photography & fine art reproductions.

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